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How Do We Share Our Faith?

June was evangelism month for Calvary Baptist Church and Mile One Mission. We took time to focus on how we share our faith and knowing our own testimony or “story.” All of us have a story about how Jesus changed our lives, even if some of us don’t seem to be as messy as others....

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Seeing the Body of Christ in Action

Our director, Steve Bray, received a message from a lady in Labrador asking if we had any contact in Las Vegas, Nevada. Her friend had cancer and was in real need of some comforting and even discipling....

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Don't Be Afraid of New Ideas...

But don’t rush in to accept them either. You don’t have to look very far, especially on the Internet, to find “new” ideas and approaches to Christianity. People struggle with the faith they grew up with, which I think is a good thing, and wrestle with what scripture says vs what they’ve always been taught....

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A Glimpse of Downtown, St. John's

When you think of downtown, St. John's, a number of things go through your mind: jellybean row, the shops and restaurants, George Street, Mile One Stadium, Signal Hill, The Battery, and the waterfront. It's a beautiful place to visit and spend an evening. One thing that probably doesn't enter your mind is the actual neighborhood of downtown St. John's. Mile One Mission ...

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