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A Momentary Light Affliction

I don't do well with death. I hate it. In my 38 years, I've been to one wake and three funerals. I've said goodbye to a dear friend who died tragically on Cougar Flight 491 and I've said good-bye to two of my wife's grandparents; last night was her third. Despite not having any living grandparents myself, I've never buried anyone in my immediate family. Neither parents, ...

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The Battle With Temptation

The Battle with Temptation Let's face it, we all struggle with temptation. Some of us may deal with different sins than others, but that ever-present voice of the devil is always whispering in our ears, "This will satisfy you. This will fulfill you. This is what you need right now." Of course, if we're honest, we know of the excess of guilt and shame that follows in the ...

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Hope for those struggling to pray

I am sure I am not alone in confessing that a consistent prayer life is a challenge. We sleep in, only to scramble out of bed and rush into the busyness of the day, later wondering why our souls draw near to almost anything and anyone else before they ever draw near to Christ. Or perhaps we have had a long day at work or school, and simply desire a snack afterwards and a ...

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Perspective from a new intern

My name is Kurtis Rodgers and I am a summer intern here at Mile One Mission. I am from St. John's, NL and have just recently graduated from Memorial University of Newfoundland with a Bachelor of Music (BMus). I have been attending Calvary Baptist Church for nearly 2 years, but this is my first time in a role such as this. As I approached the summer internship, I have many ...

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Evangelism in Cancel Culture

Never in my lifetime has there been a moment when I look at the Western world and want to shake my head as much as I do right now. I'm not talking about Black Lives Matter, the protests, or the riots. I'm talking about this Cancel Culture that just seems to want to remove anything that offends us without taking multiple things into consideration such as when the event occu...

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Stepping out in faith

This week has been an interesting week. For the first time, I think, I now see why people might perceive certain aspects of faith as sheer lunacy. More on that shortly. But first, let's consider Abram. In Genesis 12 we get a front row seat into an amazing conversation between Yahweh and Abram. In Genesis 12:1 we see the calling and in Genesis 4 we see the response. God sai...

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Standing in Awe of God

I think I would be hard pressed to find someone who hasn't heard the phrase 'familiarity breeds contempt' This is quite a negative phrase to be honest. You would say this when you gain so much knowledge or experience of someone or something that you begin to lose respect for that person or that thing. What if I were to say that we, as disciples of Christ, are not impervio...

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The Lord is our Shepherd

Last week I spent some time reading through the Gospel of John. During my reading of John 11:7-16 I read something that caused me to pause and reflect on something we all too easily face in our walk with Christ. Here's John 11:7-16: 6So when he heard that he [Lazarus] was sick, he stayed two more days in the place where he was. 7Then after that, he said to the disciples...

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Why Toilet Paper?

Why Toilet Paper? The Truth in a Difficult Time There have already been many articles, reports, and stories written about the Coronavirus. And I'm sure what I'm about to say has already been written by others. But I can't help but see and hear from the people around me and notice the anxiety, the fear, and the panic that they have. And there are legitimate fears and wo...

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Be still and know that I am God

If you ask the majority of women who are 38 weeks pregnant what their main concern is at this point in their pregnancy, you'd likely get answers such as "how much longer until I go into labour?" or "how long will I be in labour?" or even "what's it going to look like being a mom of x number of children". I honestly wish these were my biggest concerns. I'm about to give b...

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